Make Your Listing Stand Out With Drone Photography And Videos

Dated: 01/16/2018

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Take to the skies to improve your MLS listings

By Simit Patel

It is a well-known fact that most property buyers today start their search online. The internet in all its glory has allowed home buyers to search for their ideal home much as someone looks to online dating sites to find their true soulmate. Those people are looking to fall in love with their perfect house match, and first impressions matter. So, what does a realtor need to do these days to catch the eye of his buyers and to stay ahead of the competition? More and more people are looking up to the skies for the answer to that.

Drones have come a long way since they were first invented, and today’s equipment comes with high definition gimbal-stabilized cameras capable of recording superb quality videos in 4k at 60fps and exceptional image resolution (4000x3000).

With collision avoidance, top speeds of 45mph and a range of just under 5 miles, the specifications of a small drone operators’ higher-end equipment far exceeds its legal limitations to fly them. And when it comes to legality – working with professionals matters! In August 2016, the FAA introduced the Part-107 certification which demands that all drone pilots must register their equipment and be licensed to operate drones commercially.

When taking aerial photos or videos, professionals ensure that rigorous checks are carried out on the airspace around the specified location and that weather conditions are satisfactory for safe flight. As in traditional aviation, flight logbooks are kept up to date and drones are inspected prior to each flight. Air Traffic Control is consulted for permissions in designated areas, and there is a plethora of checks to be undertaken before the drone actually takes off. On the final approach into Philadelphia International and with proximity to Atlantic City, Trenton and other regional airports, South Jersey has congested airspace and that needs to be taken into consideration. But this all happens backstage. For the realtor concerned there is minimal investment. The drone company requests the agent or client’s permission to enter the property grounds, and secures a suitable date and time but after that, there is no further input required from the realtor. The homeowner doesn’t need to be present since no indoor access is required and the resulting footage is delivered electronically. Straightforward enough.

So how does that improve my chance of selling homes on a daily basis? Simply this:

Drones can offer a bird’s eye view on properties which simply can’t be shown using traditional photography. Most effective for larger more expansive homes, aerial photography not only captures majestic views of the owner’s deck, pool, tennis courts and triple-car garage, but can also be used to expose the beauty of surrounding landmarks, schools, parks or golf ranges. A spectrum of artistic camera angles and maybe a hint of dramatic post production will create a visually compelling video to prospective home buyers which far exceeds anything your iPhone might record while standing in the yard on a ladder.

Research shows that hiring drone operators adds immediate and measurable value to your listing. A Study of Drones by revealed that 83% of home sellers prefer an agent who uses drones (a). A separate study conducted by David Young from Drone Launch states that according to MLS data"homes with aerial images (sell) 68% faster than homes with standard images" (b).

Simply said, the large majority of my clients will prefer to work with me over my competitor who doesn’t use drones and my listings will sell faster than those using only traditional photos. And there is no doubt that as I crawl through, Zillow and MLS on a daily basis, I can see that the number of competitors using aerial drone footage to showcase houses advantageously is on the rise.

Andrew Nixon, (an avid drone enthusiast) wrote an article on using drones for the real estate industry in which he gathered that “drones arethe most important new technology to enter real estate marketing since the internet”(c).

So, with Winter well on the way and the upcoming season just around the corner, what are you doing to ensure that you stand out?

The Simit Patel Group has recently partnered with Buzz My Property for its aerial photography needs. The owner is a pilot herself with a longstanding history of love for aviation and its drone operators are all Part-107 certified, with extensive experience in aerial photography.

Join me and my colleagues in showing your listings from the best angle there is, and start getting friendly with some Aerial Photographers. Your buyers are seeking out their home soulmates and love is in the air!  

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